The Changing Face of Temporary Staffing


The hit TV show, Mad Men, aired its final episode on May 17, 2015 after a seven season, 92 episode run. It’s taken a little longer for the proverbial “Kelly Girl” image of temporary staffing to complete its run, but we’re almost there.

Today, nonprofit organizations rely on temp or contract workers for just about everything, including event management, donor data, field ops and HR. These individuals are career-driven with high skill sets and are adept at networking. For many nonprofits, it is a great way to test the candidate’s cultural fit before making a position permanent. Kristy Lewis, Temp Services Manager with PNP Staffing Group, says most clients—almost 70%–hope that the temp will ultimately become a permanent employee.

Many professional nonprofit temp/contract workers are associated with well-respected nonprofit talent agencies like PNP Staffing Group. PNP offers health insurance benefits for individuals who work a minimum of 35 hours per week and have at least 1,560 staffed hours per year. Paychecks and HR support services are also managed through the agency. On a typical day, 110-115 temps are actively working, with some clients using 4-5 temps at a time.

Almost 70% of PNP’s temp staffing requests are development related, requiring individuals for data entry, event coordination, and donor development. Just a few weeks ago, PNP filled a request for an attorney. “It’s clear that nonprofits see the high-value skill sets available. We filled the request for an attorney with strong nonprofit experience within one day,” said Ms. Lewis.


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