About Us:  Since 1996, PNP STAFFING GROUP, also known as Professionals for NonProfits, has been providing talent exclusively to the nonprofit sector.  Specializing in Executive Search and Direct Hire, Interim Professionals, Consultants, and Contract/Temporary Staff – we offer every staffing solution a nonprofit may need in your organization or remotely.

With a deep understanding of the nonprofit sector, local expertise with a national reach, and 25 years of experience, PNP helps organizations make smart hiring decisions to advance their mission, and build diversity, sustainability, and capacity.

Our Goals are Simple:

  • To be diligent about providing the best and most appropriate service to our clients
  • To offer a  wide range of staffing products for different staffing issues and needs – the right product for the right solution at the right time
  • To source the top 10% of talent in a changing and fiercely competitive marketplace
  • To help our clients avoid and manage the potential risk of a wrong hire
  • To educate our clients so they become experts at hiring the right talent
  • To continue to publish reports on hiring trends in the nonprofit sector, including our Annual Salary Report for Nonprofits
  • To help clients achieve greater diversity in the recruiting and hiring of staff

If you believe as we do that:

  • Hiring the best talent is a top priority
  • Having the right team determines your organization’s effectiveness in delivering its mission
  • Building an organization requires great staff to work with
  • Knowing how to use different staffing solutions, like Temp Services, is efficient and cost effective
  • At times, you need to know when you need help to find the best talent in the marketplace

Then, PNP Staffing Group is your staffing company.

Specialties in the following areas:  Fundraising/Development, Finance, Human Resources, Executive Management, Program Management, Marketing, Database and Office Support.

Connecting Nonprofits to Diverse Talent

At PNP, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are at the core of our business.

When it comes to staffing, organizations with higher numbers of racially and ethnically diverse employees have a 35% performance advantage; and they tend to be more innovative and productive.  Diverse organizations are more successful in retaining talent and more likely to achieve long-term sustainability. Gender diversity in management positions often increases the ability for organizations to reach goals.

But, simply attracting and hiring diverse candidates is not enough. Inclusion strategies are critical to employee retention, especially within under-represented groups. We help you incorporate your DEI commitment into recruiting and retention strategies, as well as into your job descriptions and employer branding. Contact us to discuss inclusive hiring practices for your organization. 

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Learn more in our DEI Resource Library. 

Glad you were able to find someone who is a great fit for the role. This is truly coming full circle for me – working as a Temp for PNP during my graduate school days and now as a client. Wonderful experiences all around.
Director of Partnerships & Philanthropy
Near East Foundation