PNP’s Direct Hire Search specializes in filling the CORE senior-level and mid-level management and support positions that are vital to running an effective organization.  These positions include development staff, finance staff, event planners, HR staff, IT staff, program managers, executive assistants, and many others.

With the high cost of lengthy vacancies, we understand, more than ever, how critical it is to identify and reach the skilled professionals your organization needs to serve your constituents.

PNP’s diverse Recruitment Team spreads a wide net into the sector that includes non-traditional recruitment strategies and ensures a diverse slate of candidates for every search.

We also help you incorporate your DEI commitment into recruiting and retention strategies, as well as into your job descriptions and employer branding.

Since 1996, PNP has filled numerous core positions in organizations across the country.  Our record of success is outstanding and 80% of our searches are referred to us by our clients.  Client Roster

Ask us about PNP’s SPEED TO MARKET DIRECT HIRE for even more significant cost savings.

We have found that partnering with PNP is the smart way to find strong candidates, quickly and efficiently.
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