A nonprofit organization is only as good as the employees who work for it — so let PNP Staffing Group help your nonprofit find the best employees that New Jersey has to offer!

At PNP Staffing Group, we know that recruiting in the nonprofit sector can be difficult. Your nonprofit already faces budget constraints as it is — and you probably rely almost entirely on fundraising efforts just to cover the salaries of your employees — so you don’t have much money left over for recruitment.  We understand all that but you also probably have trouble allocating enough time to search for new employees and trouble finding the employees you need.

The expert recruiters at PNP Staffing Group know the nonprofit sector — all have years of experience working with nonprofit organizations. We get to know each of our organizations well so that we know exactly the kinds of employees that will fit so that we can connect ideal candidates with your organization. We do not waste your time and we make certain that we exceed your expectations.

At PNP Staffing Group, we’re committed to making the process for filling NJ nonprofit jobs easier and faster — while ensuring that each job seeker finds a great career that they really love. The question now is, how can PNP Staffing Group help you?