Here’s how Nonprofit Recruiting works: there are many great nonprofit organizations that have job openings right now. There are also many amazing individuals looking for careers  in nonprofits where they feel they can really make a difference. All too often, these two parties can pass each other by without even realizing it.

At PNP Staffing Group, we are the nonprofit recruiters who make sure that both parties meet, and we make sure to find the best matches for everyone involved.

So let’s start at the very beginning — what IS a nonprofit anyway, and why can nonprofit organizations benefit from working with PNP Staffing Group?

A nonprofit is an organization that has a mission/cause and is approved to operate as a non profit by the IRS and Attorney General’s Office. These organizations are typically tax-exempt and they rely on the goodwill of donors to fund the organization’s services.

One of the biggest misconceptions about nonprofits is that employees are never paid well—but that simply isn’t true. It is possible for job seekers to find well-paying positions in nonprofit organizations work while working for a mission that makes a difference in people’s lives.

One of the biggest benefits of working for a nonprofit is that you don’t have to choose between professional success in a cutthroat corporate environment, and doing something that has meaning. You can go to bed every night knowing that you really made a difference—and you can wake up the next morning excited to go back to work.

The key to ensuring that this balance works is finding the best employees for each specific organization, and that’s exactly where the nonprofit recruiters at PNP Staffing Group come in. We get to know our nonprofit clients, and we carefully put together a perfect match.

The staff at PNP prides itself on being the only full service staffing firm exclusively for the nonprofit sector.  We have a strong relationship with nonprofit organizations in every part of the sector — providing executive searches for environmental groups, temporary positions to social service agencies, interim professionals for museums, accounting positions for human rights organizations, and program staff for international groups.

When you work with PNP Staffing Group, you’ll have a great job search experience every time.

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