Competition for Staff and Higher Salaries Top Issues for Nonprofits in 2022

PNP’s Annual Nonprofit Salary Report reveals competition for staff is a key focus as the demand for talent exceeds supply and salaries continue to rise. 77% of respondents reported plans to hire full time staff in 2022.  

PNP Staffing Group has just released its 2022 NONPROFIT SALARIES AND STAFFING TRENDS REPORT. This is the 20th year that PNP Staffing Group has published the report, providing salary ranges for 43 key positions across five nonprofit budget sizes.

PNP’s report shows demand for talent is exceeding supply, driving salaries for some positions up by an unprecedented 20%. Most highly in demand are senior program managers and experienced fundraisers. Almost two-thirds (61%) of organizations surveyed anticipate paying higher salaries in 2022.

“It is clear that the challenge for nonprofit leaders will be to pay attention to offering competitive salaries to fill critical positions in their organizations”, said Gayle Brandel, CEO, PNP Staffing Group.

A major trend evident in this report is a stronger emphasis on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). 58% of respondents said their organizational culture is now more focused on inclusivity, with 45% reporting DEI training being implemented throughout the entire organization. 42% of respondents reported that diversity strategies for staff recruitment are in place.

Organizations surveyed by PNP report a number of strategic steps are being taken as a consequence of dealing with the effects of the pandemic. These steps range from completely redoing approaches to fundraising to updating technology and developing new metrics for performance reviews and evaluations for staff working remotely or in hybrid arrangements.

Burnout is a key issue. Dr. Robert Duvall, PNP’s Director of Education Services notes, “When asked about the most important challenges facing nonprofit leaders, a remarkable 64% said dealing with employee burnout is a significant issue.”

Findings from more than 1,300 respondents to PNP’s salary survey show that in a world radically changed by the pandemic, the nonprofit sector is positioning itself for renewal and growth. 79% of respondents said they were ‘cautiously or strongly optimistic’ when looking at what’s ahead.

“In 2022, nonprofit executives will, more than ever, have to be attentive to competition in the talent marketplace, the corresponding rise in compensation, changing workplace structure, and issues of diversity. When these issues are strategically deal with, an organization is able to remain sustainable, fulfill its mission, and serve its constituents” said Brandel.


For over 26 years, PNP Staffing Group has been providing a full suite of staffing services exclusively to the nonprofit, association and social good sectors. Filling positions that are key to the performance and growth of an organization, PNP specializes in Executive Search, Direct Hire, Interim Professionals, Consultants, and Contract/Temporary Staff.  Reports are available for free at the company website.

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