Working Remotely and Working Well

Nonprofit organizations are increasingly using contract and remote workforce arrangements to accomplish specific goals or seasonal tasks. If you frequently work offsite, make sure to check out these 8 tech tools to fuel communication with your boss. Author Kadi McDonald, writing for Third Sector Today, offers these three tips for employees, temps and contract team members who aren’t required to be in the office everyday.

Working Remotely and Working Well

  • Schedule real interactions. If video conferencing is a possibility, either by FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangout, etc., it’s definitely good to do. If video isn’t doable, or it’s just not something you’re interested in, schedule weekly phone discussions to touch base. These discussions should focus only on expectation level setting and project updates. Obviously you’ll be communicating about other things throughout the week, but it’s always a great idea to make sure expectations are met on both ends.
  • Over communicate. While this may seem a little annoying, it’s always best to keep in touch. This will eliminate any doubts about what someone is actually doing with their time. You should also end every day with a brief recap of what’s been accomplished that day and where things will be tomorrow.
  • Make sure you’re not overworking, or being overworked. Remote workers may often feel pressured to work harder to prove that they’re actually working and not just slacking off during the day. For those who do work in offices, I’m sure there have been days where it feels like accomplishments have been few and far between. However, when a work-from-home day happens, you feel pressured to accomplish more. Make sure you are setting realistic expectations for yourself.  

Are you working remote? Do you think it’s as effective as being in an office?

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