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Using Social Media to Bridge the Gap Between Recruiters, Employees and Nonprofit Jobs

nonprofit jobs

A new trend is appearing in the world of social media: employment opportunities. While social media used to be a way to stay connected with close friends, it is quickly turning into an incredible resource for recruiters hiring for nonprofit jobs. The job market is on the rise along with the use of social media, and nonprofit recruiters are catching on. Reports surrounding the current job market support this:

  • More than half of currently employed workers are actively seeking or open to a new job
    Although a large number of the general population is employed full-time, this doesn’t always translate into job satisfaction. With many employees hoping to climb the ranks within their industry, having a social media presence significantly increases their likelihood of being seen and contacted by recruiters and/or managers.
  • 90% of recruiters have hired someone through LinkedIn
    An even more impressive 94% said they use or plan to use social media for recruiting. By building and maintaining social media profiles (primarily LinkedIn), potential candidates for nonprofit jobs are allowing recruiters to find them easily. It is also becoming popular for employers to reach out to potential candidates through LinkedIn, without them even applying.
  • Employers found a drastic improvement in the quality of candidates hired through social media
    Possibly a direct correlation between the responsibility of maintaining an active and updated social media profile, recruiters are finding better job candidates through digital means.

With only a few keystrokes and once-overs, recruiters are able to see the resumes of thousands of potential employees. Candidates are hearing from recruiters without so much as filling out an application. Social media has created a two-way street between potential employers and hopeful candidates, an unprecedented phenomenon.

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