Tips to Help You Achieve “Rock Star” Status

The New Year is a reminder that it’s time to assess accomplishments, to realize shortfalls, and to make plans for doing better. Basically, it’s a time to plot a path to achieve “Rock Star” employee status.

Here are 3 goals that go a long way towards achieving this mighty award at work — and can go a long way to improve your career and your personal self, too.

  1. Become Better at Networking.
    Never underestimate the value of networking! It can help you develop connections which may prove useful in getting a program off the ground, or help you find a new opportunity. At its very core, networking is about building relationships that are mutually beneficial. Start by getting out to professional events in your field— and striking up some conversations. Don’t forget to follow up afterwards!Be sure to improve your virtual networking, too. I love these tips from Inc. on how to optimize your Linkedin account.
  2. Improve Your Physical (and Mental) Health.
    Many of us have very sedentary work days and research shows that sitting for hours on end is bad for your physical health. Now we have learned that it is also bad for your mental health. So, get up and take breaks throughout the day to flex your muscles and clear your mind.Find it hard to remember to get up and out? Set alerts on your phone to remind you, or try using a free app like Stand Up! The Work Break Timer.
  3. Better Manage Your Time
    I just read a piece written by Kelsey Manning on Fast Company which offers some easy ways to help anyone improve on meeting deadlines. You can try tackling assignments as soon as you receive them or set a “due date” a few days in advance of the real due date. But, first and foremost, it makes sense to be realistic about commitments and put limits in place to keep you from “over-committing.” Try using collaborative tools to share the workload. I find that Dropbox and Google Drive are huge time savers and free. They allow you to share files with team members who can make comments and/or edits (depending on your settings) whenever and wherever they can— and without numerous email exchanges.

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Amy DeVita is a publisher, entrepreneur, mother, wife, social media enthusiast and fan and avid supporter of the nonprofit/ for-impact sector. She has written for Top Nonprofits and Third Sector Today; she has been quoted on pieces about social media and social impact on The Huffington Post and The Daily Beast. She was named to the Leading Women Entrepreneurs in NJ Monthly and she is a member of Social Media for Nonprofits’ Leadership Council. In her spare time she enjoys kayaking, yoga, hiking, traveling, and playing Scrabble. Amy lives in New Jersey with her husband, two children, and two dogs. In 1984 she earned the “Most Improved Average” honor on her bowling league.

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