The Changing Face of Temporary Staffing

For starters, you can forget your free-range associations with the word “temp”. These individuals are valuable members of the team. And, in most cases, the time spent in your office—whether it is 20 hours per week or a few months per year—is their career. Just like freelancers and consultants, these individuals have full time jobs working part-time for several companies at a time.

According to the Government Accountability Office, temporary workers made up a third of the workforce in 2013. As far back as 2011, TimeOut New York was publishing a list of the Top Temp Agencies in New York City. The list includes PNP Staffing Group (formerly Professionals for Nonprofits) and is the only agency listed solely dedicated to the nonprofit sector.

Starting next week, we’re writing a series about the changing face of temporary staffing. We’ll invite you to meet some of the individuals working in the nonprofit temp sector and hear from Kristy Lewis, Temp Services Manager for PNP Staffing Group. Come with us as we explore the new face of temporary staffing for nonprofits, associations, and social good organizations.

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