Before you start planning how to have a great next year, think about what you can do now to finish off the year strong.

It’s no secret that nonprofits are experiencing a very competitive marketplace. Talented candidates have a lot of opportunities coming their way whether they are actively job searching or not.

If you have a job opening now or have planned to hire in the first quarter, why wait?

  • To be able to hire great people, nonprofits must always be on the hunt for talent.
    When found, jump, because there’s no guarantee that another organization isn’t one step ahead of you.
  • Being near year end is not going to sway a good candidate from contemplating new opportunities.
    Many candidates would prefer to accept—and even start—a new job prior to the holidays. This provides the time to get training and acclimation behind them so they are up to speed when the clock is counting toward deadlines and goals.
  • Investing in the right talent produces the best return.
    Anything less is a waste of valuable operating resources.
  • Waiting to fill an existing vacancy incurs enormous risk.
    Vacancies cause lost productively, overwork for other staff, and the potential loss of key stakeholder relationships or new funding.
  • The average job search for a professional position now averages 3 months.  
    If you are confident with this year’s number, then waiting until January to hire someone who can impact your 2018 bottom line performance is a crisis waiting to happen. Why risk losing a quarter of productivity and revenue when you don’t have to?

Seriously, what are you waiting for?

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