The New Normal: Nonprofit Staffing During the Pandemic

COVID-19 is reshaping nonprofits nationwide, particularly in staff management. Driven by urgency and necessity, organization are exploring and implementing staffing strategies for survival, recovery, renewal, and growth.

To examine how nonprofits are dealing with staffing issues as they head into late 2020, PNP Staffing Group conducted a survey of a wide range of organizations to ask about action steps nonprofits are taking at this time. Because the good work of nonprofits is performed by people, PNP’s focus in the survey was on staff changes and challenges brought about by the pandemic.

The survey reflects the ways in which organizations are acting on new and innovative uses of technology, developing different kinds of training programs for staff, and creatively re-writing policies, practices and procedures for talent management. Nonprofits are clearly not expecting an eventual return to the way things were. New ways of working, necessitated by the effects of COVID-19, are being put in place and will continue to evolve as organizations rebuild.

For mission-driven organizations, the pandemic has caused, and is continuing to drive, significantly different approaches to staff management. The challenges for nonprofit organizations, going forward, center on how best to do their vital work, differently.

Download the executive report: The New Normal Nonprofit Staffing During the Pandemic

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