Meet Your Recruiters – Mia Hernandez Canto

Meet Mia our Senior Executive Recruiter! Mia has been with us for over 5 years and she has some insights based on the industry and her experience that she would love to share.





Tell us about your specialties, experience, or the industry you recruit for: I began my career in retail HR management over ten years ago. I fell in love with the “people” aspect of the job. I was responsible for hiring, training and developing staff. I currently partner with nonprofits to find the best fit in talent. I have successfully placed candidates in a variety of roles ranging from entry-level to Executive. I truly believe a successful placement is having the right candidate, in the right place, at the right time. Timing is everything when it comes to staffing.
What makes you a unique recruiter? (i.e., why will a candidate want to work with you?): I try to be as transparent as possible with my candidates. I find that they appreciate my honesty and it allows for a more successful partnership. I try to get to know my candidates not just professionally, but also personally, in order to really find the position that is best suited for them. We work in partnership —  I am here to help open the door, but it’s ultimately up to them to get that job.
Why do you like recruiting? I find satisfaction and fulfillment in knowing that I am affecting positive change by placing candidates in organizations that are changing the world.
Why PNP Staffing Group? I joined PNP five years ago because I wanted to do work that helped fulfill a greater purpose. We work with a lot of interesting organizations, some that I’ve known and some that are new to me. I learn something new every day, whether it be from a client, candidate, or a colleague.

What do you enjoy doing outside of recruiting? (i.e., hobbies, passions, projects, etc.) We are headquartered in what is the best city in the world. I love to explore the City – museums, restaurants, parks, outdoor activities. I love to travel and spend time at the gym.


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