High Tech NonProfit Leadership Coaching

LeaderAmp 2222x2083 big pngWhat if there was a way for nonprofit leaders to use their smartphone to receive leadership coaching?

LeaderAmp is a revolutionary high tech mobile solution that provides eCoaching whenever and wherever you need it. LeaderAmp includes an online assessment, journaling, group coaching, and a development feature powered by your smartphone. A digital journal is included to capture situations and lessons learned, allowing you to revisit and monitor your growth.

LeaderAmp’s high tech, high touch process is based on five principle steps:

  1. Commit

Practice your leadership skills at least once a week using an artificially intelligent leadership coach—plus, actively participate in real-time group coaching with peers.

  1. Assess

The “mobile self” and 360-degree computer-adaptive assessments are the shortest and most scientific instruments available. It adjusts for biases to ensure accuracy and precision. The expert system helps you select two areas so you can focus your developmental energy.

  1. Grow

Use your smartphone to schedule at least one morning per week to receive personalized eCoaching. Practice the eCoaching suggestions throughout your day, and capture the lessons learned in a mobile journal. For best results, use your smartphone’s audio feature for fast and easy journaling.

  1. Celebrate

LeaderAmp provides unprecedented accountability and transparency to help you stay on plan. It even helps you celebrate for staying on plan, and gives you a nudge when you need it!

  1. Coaching

Every week, use group and peer coaching to answer questions, deepen your experiential learning and provide real expert support. Group coaching sessions are led by LeaderAmp’s trained coaches.

Whether you are using LeaderAmp for yourself or high potential leaders in your organization, the Return-on-Investment (ROI) is easy to monitor. You’ll be able to see the commitment to growth, utilization and changes that occur as a result of the eCoaching program.

Author Howard Fox is a LeaderAmp trained coach living in Chicago, IL. His executive and leadership coaching practice is delivered in-person and virtual. He invites you to take LeaderAmp for a test drive to see if the high tech, high touch approach is right for you.

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