How to Compete for Talent When Hiring Association Executives

Associations have shown overall growth in staffing this year, and have plans for further growth in 2019. This growth is accompanied by salary increases, heightened emphasis on performance in setting salaries, and plans for program expansion and membership development, as reported in PNP’s  newest Association Salaries and Staffing Trends report.

As Associations grow and either replace or add talent to their team, they are finding that competition for talent is fierce. Associations overwhelmingly see the transformations in the marketplace for talented staff affecting their ability to replace departing leaders or to bring on talent that will fill leadership roles in the future. A startling 79% of respondents to PNP’s survey noted that they are concerned about the scarcity of new talent to hire.

How organizations approach diversity in hiring, Millennials’ mobility, and staff engagement have become critical factors to recruitment, hiring and retention. Salary still remains the single most important attractor of talent, followed by additional benefits, flexible work schedules, and support for training and professional development.

4 Tips to Help You Recruit and Retain Top Talent

  1. Prioritize, build and reinforce a team culture of engagement and ownership
  2. Invest in coaching and training and offer clear opportunities for professional growth
  3. Show that performance is clearly valued and rewarded
  4. Hold managers accountable

What Not to Do

If you want to avoid losing talented candidates, reign in these behaviors:

  1. Paying below market rate salaries
  2. Hesitating too long to make an offer
  3. Letting vacancies linger so that work piles up or membership drops

Today’s best employers create a compelling reason for people to want to work for them. Those who find ways to make the workplace productive, engaging and supportive are finding that not only are they the employer-of-choice, but employees are far less likely to leave

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