What to Do When You Can’t Wait for New Staff

The reality of increasing demand for programs and services, a competitive talent market, and a limited internal pipeline hits many nonprofit organizations especially hard as the season for fundraising galas arrives. Given that the average recruitment timeframe is growing longer as the demand for talent heats up, what happens if you find that you need additional staff in place now, and need to be ready to rock n’ roll for a busy next quarter?

There are practical and flexible approaches to help you accelerate the hiring timetable, find the best people, and stay on track.

  • Temporary Staff

Hiring a “temp” is a fast, affordable, and efficient way to get the job done with experienced, on-demand talent. Nonprofit temp professionals can bring critical experience to your organization in accounting, mid-level administration, data entry, development, special events management, marketing and IT.

  • Temp-to-Hire

Temp-to-Hire programs allow you to fill a position immediately with a strong candidate that you are seriously interested in hiring permanently, but would like to see in actual performance before making the commitment. This gives the organization and the individual an opportunity to decide if the culture and skill-set fit without delaying programs, deliverables and financial goals.

  • Fast Track Search

This latest trend in hiring practices allows nonprofits to go from interview to hire quickly. Employers access nonprofit candidates from previous searches, schedule back-to-back interviews, and curtail detailed background checks. Limited timeframes are established for the candidate from time-of-offer to acceptance. This works best when you need a number of positions filled quickly or need to move expeditiously on a particular area of critical need.

  • Interim Professionals

Interim management has experienced significant growth during the past decade. Interim professionals have extensive and in-depth experience in handling specific leadership roles and organizational crises. Nonprofit interim professionals can calm jittery staff, donors, and boards during significant times of transition. An interim professional is not looking for a permanent job, thus giving you the time and space required to fill the senior roles.

To learn more about the trends, opportunities, challenges and solutions for nonprofit talent recruitment, follow the PNP Staffing Group’s Competitive Market Series of reports, or contact Brandi Scott for a free consultation.

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