Building a Recruitment Strategy

Talent Management is a major concern for nonprofits and associations in 2016. As the talent marketplace continues to shrink, finding the right staff to hire becomes more and more difficult. You need a recruitment strategy.

Start with your an annual operating plan, then develop a workforce plan. Look at your hiring needs for 12 months and outline the critical roles that need to be filled (and remain filled). Identify your gaps and be specific.

Build an employer brand and value proposition. Organizations that appeal to the heart and mind to attract and retain staff achieve better results. Start by understanding the WIIFM factor. Make sure there isn’t a disconnect between your external brand and how your employees view the company.

Talk with staffing professionals to understand talent availability. Staffing professionals provide invaluable market insight on talent, salaries and nonprofit trends.

Identify sourcing channels. This includes referrals, social media, industry associations and conferences, open houses, webinars, and professional recruiters. Embrace creative recruiting.

Nurture a talent-driven culture. Set up pipeline positions, attract talent, and nurture relationships. Use your talent pool database to track critical roles. Treat your talent as well as you treat your donors.

Build a budget. Recruiting should be a continuous process so build funds into your budget to pay for recruiting professionals, internal recruitment efforts, and marketing.

Make execution a priority. Make sure you have the right people on the bus to deliver on your sourcing strategy. Strategies don’t work without plans, and plans don’t succeed unless you work the plan.

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