5 Tips to Survive & Thrive at the Office Holiday Party

Holiday parties offer a great opportunity to socialize with your colleagues and to network with others in the industry. They can also be a minefield. Here are 5 tips to not only help you survive, but thrive at the next holiday party.


Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to GO. You can arrive a little late and leave a little early if you must, but your presence is important. Your organization goes out of its way to plan and pay for holiday festivities.  Bosses care whether you show up.

Prepare your party introduction just like you prepare an “elevator speech”.

Holiday parties are a great way to meet professionals that you don’t interact with on a regular basis. Think about how you want to introduce yourself in advance. The most memorable introductions include business information with a personal twist.

Disconnect from your Smartphone.

Be in the moment. Don’t text, tweet or post while at the party. Focus on the opportunities in front of you and enjoy the people in the room.

Break away.

Get out of your comfort zone—use the event to meet new people and expand your network. An easy start is by recognizing and thanking those who have planned the event. If you don’t have a relationship with someone that you would like to meet, this is a great time to introduce yourself.

Be aware of the eggnog.

Don’t get confused—although holiday parties are social events, they are still business events. If you drink, stick to a 2 drink maximum.

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