4 Tips for Your Holiday Office Party

Holiday office parties are a great way to show appreciation and to keep teams engaged.  Remember these four tips to help you throw a fun and safe holiday party.

Serve alcohol responsibly.

Many nonprofit organizations skip alcohol at the office party, but if you serve, serve responsibility. Task the bartender, or someone at the bar, with monitoring intake. Arrange for safe-ride home vouchers by taxi, Uber, etc.

Check your business insurance policy.

Make sure that it’s up to date and covers potential risks at the party. Know what the Host Liability laws are in your state, and what your policy does or does not cover.

Pay attention to decorations.

Make sure that lights, power cords, and extension cords are properly used. Make sure your smoke detectors and fire safety equipment is properly working.

Put the emphasis on celebration.

Plan your party with a focus on diversity, inclusion and accommodation. You want everyone to feel welcome and to celebrate what your organization has accomplished this year.

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