What To Look For In Your Next Employer

Well, if the research is right, which I am sure it is, then look no further than Google (and other similar employee-engagement award-winning companies).

If you take a surf online, you will find that Google tops all the major ‘best companies to work for’ lists, and has done so consistently for half a dozen years. Is it because they are cool people to work for like all those other silicon valley players, or is it more than casual dress and healthy fruit options that makes the west coast creatives so successful in attracting and retaining staff?

I would say so.

Since serious, and ongoing, studies into employee engagement began 20+ years ago, issues around attracting and retaining top talent has been snowballing over the past couple of decades. With the millennial factor thrown in – the next generation of leaders, that are info junkies who must, and can, read every review online before even choosing a good coffee – there is suddenly a great emphasis on knowing what employee engagement options can be offered to you, the job hunter. Companies that offer these meaningful benefits are places where Early Adoptors and dynamic leaders reside – offering progressive, positive and supportive places of work where staff can develop their skills and grow their careers.

The most common benefits that are being offered within these successful, and often fun, places to work are:

  • Unique benefits; free food, pet insurance, flexible working hours, team activities, fun days in the office etc.
  • Clear company vision/mission – where everyone understands their place and how they add value (and they genuinely feel it)
  • Supportive management
  • Ability to learn, develop new skills and have ownership of your own work/goals
  • Competitive pay (not always so important though, apparently)

Ask yourself when looking at jobs, what really motivates you and will engage you to stay at an organization for the long term.

I will admit, a lot of organizations are still Late Majority or Laggards, so many may not offer quite the same headline grabbing benefits as Google however, they may offer some other really good reasons for you to work there and be happy in the long term –  if the company policy does not obviously offer it, perhaps your direct manager may provide you the chance to learn, grow independently, be flexible in setting goals or allow you freedom to manage your own work.

Just remember, be sure to ask the right questions at interview and find out what companies can offer you, as well as being prepare to explain what you can offer them.

For advice on finding that perfect job in the non profit sector, please do get in touch with me: twright@pnpsgolivestg.wpengine.com

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