PNP ValueSource™

PNP ValueSource is a series of customized, value-added recruiting service options arranged for nonprofit organizations who are seeking alternative solutions to help augment their talent recruiting needs and staffing operations.These services are arranged for our nonprofit clients on an outsource basis at flexible and favorable fees and can be structured on either a fixed price, retainer or hourly basis.
Our PNP ValueSource™ offerings includes the following:

ON DEMAND RECRUITING– we will arrange to lease one or more of our experienced recruiters to be assigned on your site for as short or long a period that you need them to work directly with your HR staff and assist you with peak recruiting needs. Our On-Demand Recruiters are ready to hit the ground running and will represent your organization, source, screen and interview candidates and set them up for onboarding with your organization.

PROJECT BASED RECRUITING–this service is best arranged for organizations that have high volume position openings that must be filled within a set period of time and internal resources of the organization cannot adequately fulfill these needs. We will fully customize a recruitment program to address the recruitment project and immediately assign a team of experienced recruiters devoted exclusively to work on the project with full access to all the resources of our recruiting and staffing firm.

RECRUITING CONSULTATION– as experienced recruiters to the nonprofit sector, we can provide a range of value added consulting services to enhance your recruiting program and activities, including training of your HR staff in effective on-line recruiting techniques, sourcing methodologies, candidate assessment techniques and helping you to design and build a comprehensive and effective talent acquisition strategy