How To Be More Successful in Your Career

This question can be useful for anyone, but particularly for those who want to get ahead and be more “successful”. Not everyone has great ambition to achieve this.

Having read the odd autobiography and self-help-type book, successful people regularly explain the importance of surrounding yourself with successful people.


Well, as some experts, doctors, psychologists say, as humans we tend to follow what others do. Generally speaking, it is no coincidence that people who are brought up in underserved areas of the world tend to be less successful in business or their careers. And those that grow up in wealthy areas are more often than not exposed to more opportunities/experiences and therefore programmed to want to do well (mostly). Not all, but a lot of this comes down to how we behave as individuals, by following others.

Again, why should you surround yourself with successful people, if you want to be successful?

Well, as some experts say, the more you hang around those who have “better” jobs, earn more money, study more, strive for promotions etc. the more likely you will be to push yourself to do the same. This can be true in many ways:

  • When you spend time with successful people, who are typically intelligent, like to learn and interesting, you will be more inspired to develop your own knowledge and interest in different topics (this should help you be more interesting and well rounded)
  • When you spend time with successful people it is easy to draw inspiration from how they became successful and copy their patterns
  • When you spend time with successful people they will often be able to offer you wise words and help you solve problems i.e. when applying for jobs or going for a promotion
  • When you spend time with successful people who earn more money, typically you will want to achieve more wealth to keep up and strive to do so – studies have shown consistent patterns of similar earnings among friends

The sad point to this article is that if you really are a doer, ambitious, career driven etc. then I would highly recommend avoiding spending too much time with those people in your life who are negative, lacking enthusiasm and generally not a positive influence for you. Everyone has an old friend or distant connection they hang out with who has bad moods, a negative outlook on life and regularly posts downbeat facebook posts. Ask yourself why you need this in your life.

How do you surround yourself with more successful people?

Talk to people, show interest in what they are doing and be genuine about wanting learn from others, by joining clubs, taking classes or finding mentors. If you show interest in others, not just asking for handouts, people will like telling you about themselves and be more likely to want to help you / befriend you.

Happy socializing!

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