Why You Should Consider a Nonprofit Temp Role

The role of a professional Temp has changed significantly since the start of the pandemic, with a notable increase in the use of short and long-term Temps by organizations throughout the nonprofit sector.

In a very tight candidate marketplace, nonprofit organizations seeking to fill vacant positions are turning to Temps to fill the gaps on their teams. Many organizations are filling positions through Temp-to-Hire programs, hiring Temps to fulfill grant requirements for specific program deliverables, or, simply opting to operate with an outsourced, contracted team of professional Temps.

PNP Temps are qualified professionals with strong skills sets, experience, and resumes. Highly dependable and responsible, many Temps have chosen to specialize in fulfilling mid to senior level program positions, and/or providing general organizational support through a variety of administrative or program service positions.

As the job market continues to remain tight, a Temp has the distinct advantage of being flexible and available for any opportunity that presents itself.  Whereas hiring an employee can take months, a Temp can be hired quickly.

The Benefits of Becoming a Nonprofit Temp

  • Because Temps work in multiple types of nonprofit organizations, ranging from very small to very large, a Temp has the rare ability to experience learning new skill sets and the opportunity to work with an expanding network of people. This allows a Temp to gain knowledge in a variety of areas not usually open to an employee working at one job.
  • Working in a variety of organizations allows a Temp to become resourceful in adapting to various organizational styles and new environments.  Self-motivation, organizational skills, time management, and oral communication skills are developed more quickly, as well as sector-specific knowledge.
  • Working as a Temp in an organization allows a Temp to “try out” a job to see if the fit is right.  This is beneficial for the Temp executive and for the organization.
  • If preferred, a Temp can remain in one position in one organization for many years.
  • Working as a Temp in between jobs is also as way to stay in the marketplace until one decides the direction to take or the next job to accept.
  • Temp work offers enormous opportunities for career growth and skill development. More than ever, Temp work can provide resume experience and credentials essential to one’s career path and future jobs.
  • Temp work allows one to work for nonprofits with missions that inspire.

How to Become a PNP Temp

  1. As a candidate seeking Temp work, you can apply to a job posted on PNP’s Job Board, or apply directly to a job we have posted on ZipRecruiter.
  2. After your resume is reviewed and you match a job profile, a PNP Recruiter will contact you for an interview to discuss your resume and the requirements for the position.
  3. Should you be a good fit for a position, your application will be submitted to our client and you will be interviewed by the client organization.
  4. After a job offer is made to you, you become a PNP Temp. After filling out your payroll documents, you are ready to work.

PNP Temps are paid by PNP Staffing Group and may be eligible for health benefits. PNP pays applicable  payroll taxes and provides you with the appropriate tax documents each calendar year. Please contact us to learn more.