PAYROLLING is the way a nonprofit subcontracts all or part of its employee payroll and record keeping to PNP. It is an alternative to adding employees to your internal payroll and is an easy and fool-proof strategic tool in managing your costs.

Why are PNP’s PAYROLLING SERVICES used by numerous nonprofits, and how can it help my organization?

When you have a worker who is either temporary or not, adding them to PNP’s payroll affords you the following:

  • Managing your payroll becomes the full responsibility of PNP
  • Extra benefits, health insurance, payroll insurance, and unemployment insurance – are all covered by PNP
  • Your payroll record keeping and administrative costs, including all payroll taxes, are paid by PNP
  • Year- end tax record keeping and administration is the responsibility of PNP

PAYROLLING is a perfect service for nonprofits because it allows an organization to stay within budget even when hiring talent. And, PAYROLLING makes it easy to comply with any grant requirement where you must add staff for the length of the grant.

PNP already provides PAYROLLING SERVICES for hundreds of employees in many nonprofits. Contact us for a free consultation on whether PNP PAYROLLING SERVICES are right for your organization.