PNP Executive Search

nonprofit executive searchPNP’s focus is to empower your mission with the right leadership. With a two decade unparalleled track record of success of providing top talent to nonprofits, PNP’s Executive Search practice aligns outstanding talent with great nonprofits to achieve extraordinary results.

Our Executive Search Service is targeted to fill C-Suite, senior level executive, and senior management positions. With our national and global reach, PNP’s is strategic, focused, and customized to meet the unique needs of your organization.


Retained Fee: To provide you with the strategic partnership and depth of service we feel is necessary for your most important positions, PNP’s Executive Search is offered on a retained fee basis with a one (1) year guarantee.

Contingency Fee: PNP also offers our Executive Search services on a contingency fee basis for organization’s that prefer to pay once a candidate is hired. A three (3) month guarantee is offered as well.

Client Discovery

Meeting with Client to Review Position Requirements and Organization Culture and Develop Job Description

Candidate Profile

Develop Candidate/ Search Profile for Distribution to Extensive Network & Online Resources

Resource/Candidate Sourcing

Source from PNP Candidate Database, On-Line Marketplace and Other Networks/Resources

Candidate Screening & Assessment

Coordination of In-Person Interviews and Skills Assessment/Screening to Determine Job and Organizational Fit

Reference/Background Screening

Provide Reference Summary and Results of Background Screening

Meetings with Selection Committee/Assistance with Salary/Offer Negotiations

Help Facilitate Interviews With Board/Selection Committee and Finalize Employment Offer