Direct Hire Search 

PNP’s Direct Hire Search Practice specializes in filling the CORE senior-level and mid-level management and support positions that are vital to running an effective organization.  These positions include development staff, controllers and finance staff, event planners, HR staff, IT staff, program managers, executive assistants, and many others. PNP’s diverse recruiting team ensures a diverse slate of candidates for you to consider for every search.

PNP offers you a choice that allows you to choose the method of payment that works best for your organization.

Contingency Fee: The fee we charge is a success fee that is contingent on filling the position for your organization; a fee is paid when the PNP candidate is hired. PNP offers Contingency Fee Searches for middle management and support searches, and when appropriate, for executive-level positions as well.  A three month guaranty is part of the service.

Retained Fee: When appropriate and when preferred, a retained search offers you a depth of service that provides you with additional support during your search and a longer guaranty.  A one-year guaranty is part of the service.

For both type of searches, our experts will assist you in developing appropriate job descriptions, create competitive compensation packages, negotiate salaries, assist you in your interview presentations, as well as help you on-board your new hire appropriately.

Since 1996, PNP has worked with over 2,000 nonprofits to fill core positions in organizations across the country. Our record of success is outstanding, and 80% of our searches are referred to us by clients.

In this very competitive talent marketplace, we understand how critical it is to identify and connect you to the skilled professionals your organization needs to serve your constituents and invest in your future sustainability.  With the high cost of lengthy vacancies, it is more important than ever to quickly and successfully fill core positions in an organization.