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[Podcast] PNP and TopNonProfits discuss PNP’s 2017 Salary Report

PNP’s President/CEO Gayle Brandel and Amy DeVita, COO of Top NonProfits, talk about PNP’s 2016-2017 Nonprofit Salaries, Staffing & Trends Report.  This is a great podcast about nonprofit talent management for executive directors, HR managers, and job candidates. You’ll learn about: The current state of the nonprofit job market The impact of Millennials on nonprofit hiring Trends in tenure Hiring strategy And more! Be sure to download the full reports for New York, Washington, DC and Philadelphia area nonprofits and associations.  

5 Tips to Survive & Thrive at the Office Holiday Party

Holiday parties offer a great opportunity to socialize with your colleagues and to network with others in the industry. They can also be a minefield. Here are 5 tips to not only help you survive, but thrive at the next holiday party. Go. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to GO. You can arrive a little late and leave a little early if you must, but your presence is important. Your organization goes out of its way to plan and pay for holiday festivities.  Bosses care whether you show up. Prepare your party introduction just like you prepare an “elevator speech”. Holiday parties are a great way to meet professionals that you don’t interact with on a regular basis. Think about how you want to introduce yourself in advance. The most memorable introductions include business information with a personal twist. Disconnect from your Smartphone. Be in the moment. Don’t text, tweet or post while at the party. Focus on the opportunities in front of you and enjoy the people in the room. Break away. Get out of your comfort zone—use the event to meet new people and expand your network. An easy start is by recognizing and thanking those…

4 Tips for Your Holiday Office Party

Holiday office parties are a great way to show appreciation and to keep teams engaged.  Remember these four tips to help you throw a fun and safe holiday party. Serve alcohol responsibly. Many nonprofit organizations skip alcohol at the office party, but if you serve, serve responsibility. Task the bartender, or someone at the bar, with monitoring intake. Arrange for safe-ride home vouchers by taxi, Uber, etc. Check your business insurance policy. Make sure that it’s up to date and covers potential risks at the party. Know what the Host Liability laws are in your state, and what your policy does or does not cover. Pay attention to decorations. Make sure that lights, power cords, and extension cords are properly used. Make sure your smoke detectors and fire safety equipment is properly working. Put the emphasis on celebration. Plan your party with a focus on diversity, inclusion and accommodation. You want everyone to feel welcome and to celebrate what your organization has accomplished this year.

How to Set Salaries

Stever Robbins penned an excellent article for Entrepreneur outlining these tips for setting fair and equitable salaries that won’t break the bank. We think it’s worth a read. When finished, check out PNP’s 2016-2017 NONPROFIT SALARIES, STAFFING & TRENDS REPORT to review nonprofit salaries for 42 positions across five different organizational budget sizes. Setting salaries for your staff is always a tricky thing to do, especially hard if you’ve never done it before. On one hand, you want to pay enough to get the best possible talent. On the other hand, you don’t want to overpay. What are you to do? First of all, don’t panic. Remember that your goal is to attract good talent and pay them fairly. When it comes to the exact amounts you should pay, however, know this: You never want to pay more than the job is worth to you. That’s just good business. Because at the end of the day, a salary is like any business expense—it’s an investment, and you should get a return. So you start by deciding the top amount you’d be willing to pay. The best way to determine that ceiling is to ask yourself this: How much more valuable…

What Do Employees Want From Their Job?

Happy employees are more productive, remain longer with the organization, and serve as your brand ambassadors. Creating a healthy workplace environment and nurturing staff should be at the top of management’s to-do list. Over 80% of the nonprofits surveyed for PNP’s 2016-2017 Nonprofit Salaries, Staffing & Trends Report acknowledge that they are purposefully addressing internal issues of overall job satisfaction. In answer to the question, ‘How would you rate the current job satisfaction level of our non-executive staff?’ a majority of 2016 respondents noted a need for internal improvement. Job satisfaction has become an increasingly important issue for staff recruitment and retention. So what can you do to make your organization a great place to work? Offer flexible work hours. Flex hours help staff balance work and personal life, and demonstrate trust in your team. Provide a career pathway. The best organizations to work for provide coaching, career development, education and networking opportunities to help individuals grow. Encourage new ways of doing things. Create an environment where employees are encouraged to take responsible risks. If you want your team to accomplish great things, you have to give them permission to fail as well. Be a great boss. Help your employees…