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Why Women Don’t Get Ahead at Nonprofits

Inequities in nonprofit pay and leadership opportunities are subtle and entrenched. The pandemic could make things worse — or be a chance for real change.   Karen had been working at a human-services nonprofit for a decade when she accidentally stumbled on a co-worker’s personal data stored on the group’s shared server. There were pay stubs, mortgage and retirement-account statements, his entire financial picture was laid out before her. And she says it was nothing like her own. At the time, Karen, who asked that we use only her first name and not identify her employer so she could speak freely, was a director overseeing employees who brought in half the group’s revenue. She was earning roughly $50,000 a year and had to work nights and weekends as a tutor and consultant to pay the tuition for the master’s degree she was pursuing. According to the pay stubs she found, her male co-worker, who was also a director but had less oversight responsibility, made $10,000 a year more than she did — about a 20 percent difference. “Once I started looking at the numbers, it was heartbreaking,” she says. “At the end of the day, they didn’t treat us equally.”…

PNP Staffing Group’s 2021 Nonprofit Salaries & Staffing Trends Report Assesses Nonprofit Salaries in a Radically Changed Environment

PNP’s NONPROFIT SALARIES & STAFFING TRENDS for 2021 reports that competitive salaries remain key to retaining talented staff who have stepped-up during the pandemic and who are enabling organizations to persevere through uncertainty and change. PNP Staffing Group has released its 2021 NONPROFIT SALARIES AND STAFFING TRENDS REPORT. Despite the turmoil of 2020, many survey respondents indicated their intention to adjust salaries upward in 2021. One-fourth will give cost-of-living increases across the board, with others planning to issue raises for changed responsibilities or to reward performance. Only one percent reported that they expect to decrease salaries in 2021. More than two-thirds of survey respondents noted that they are planning to hire staff in 2021—evenly divided between those who will be adding to their workforce, and those who will hire only to fill vacancies. “The Human and Social Service sector represents the majority of nonprofits planning to hire staff in 2021 given the urgent demand for their programs and services,” said Dr. Robert Duvall, PNP’s Director of Education Services. The principal challenge facing nonprofits is how work will be conducted and managed going forward. When asked about expectations for 2021, 67% of nonprofits plan to have hybrid working arrangements for staff….

Nonprofit Salary Report and Nonprofit Staffing Trends

PNP’s NonProfit Salaries and Staffing Trends Report reflects a positive and aggressive hiring outlook for nonprofits. For the second year in a row, program growth is the primary reason for anticipated staff increases in 2018, followed by turnover and replacing retirees. 80% of respondents said they plan to recruit new staff in 2018, as compared to 57% who reported that they added staff in 2017. Issues overwhelmingly revolved around the importance of recruiting and keeping good people who can successfully deliver services and mission. A majority of respondents noted that they would prefer to stretch their organization’s budget to hire a more experienced, high performance employee, rather than hire a competent worker with less experience but stay within budget. A significant finding in this year’s survey is that, more than ever, senior executive management positions in nonprofits are filled by women. PNP’s CEO Gayle Brandel notes that the survey also reflects “a growing presence of Millennials in leadership roles, with around half of the respondents reporting that Millennials now hold senior leadership positions.” The survey shows that several essential best practices are critical for nonprofits to be successful in finding and keeping talented staff in a competitive market. Eight best…