Monica Medina

Account Executive

Monica is a Wisconsin native having worn many hats in her career.  Her roots begin in the healthcare sector where she managed and staffed for an agency that serviced the aging community.  From there she went on to work in various roles in leadership, recruiting, sales and marketing and then as an operations manager for a startup agency in Montana.  In this role, she was honored to share in advocating for cultural change in the way society defined the aging population.  She has also led countless public talks and group discussions on how we culturally perceive death, aging-in-place and the need to ground ourselves in true community.

From within the spectrum of her career, the common thread has always been the humanitarian spirit.  Having taken the scenic route to New York, she has found a home with PNP as a recruiter connecting nonprofit organizations with the talent they seek to scale their missions.

Monica enjoys fine dining, international travel, documentary films and ancient history.  Always on the hunt for answers from the past and the radical philosphies that connect us closer to uncovering truths about our place in this vast universe.