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PNP partners with Job Diva, an industry leading software platform, to provide you with access to track applicants, manage job postings, upload staff timesheets, and more.

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A nonprofit can subcontract all or part of its employee payroll and payroll record keeping to PNP.  Payrolling allows an organization to stay within budget even when hiring talent.Why are PNP’s Payrolling Services used by numerous nonprofits?

  • Managing your payroll becomes the full responsibility of PNP
  • Employee benefits, including health insurance, are covered by PNP
  • Your payroll record keeping and costs, including payroll taxes, are paid by PNP
  • Year- end tax record keeping and administration is the responsibility of PNP
  • Grant requirements for additional staff are easy to comply with through payrolling

PNP provides Payrolling Services for hundreds of employees in many nonprofits. Contact us for a free consultation.