Core Values

Our core values are deeply ingrained principles that drive our work and guide all of our decisions and actions, as we deliver customized staffing services, with a national and global reach, to support the diverse staffing needs of the sector.

Building and preserving the trust and loyalty of clients and candidates is the cornerstone of our work. To accomplish this, we uphold the highest ethical standards and values in all our transactions and relationships.

We are driven to deliver the highest quality recruiting and staffing services to our clients and candidates at all times and are committed to best practices and excellence in the field.

We provide innovative, bold, and pragmatic solutions to assist our clients in making hiring decisions that bring the best talent to their organizations.

With extensive experience recruiting for nonprofits and social good organizations, our team works passionately for the organizations we serve. We believe in the power of the sector to make a difference in people’s lives and we provide the staff to help make that difference.

The success of PNP Staffing Group is defined by the results we achieve on behalf of our candidates and clients. We have an unparalleled track record of success with over 1,200 nonprofits over the past 20 years and our experience, knowledge, and contacts in the sector are unmatched.

We are strongly committed to promoting and assisting nonprofits by offering diversity in all of our recruiting, staffing and hiring practices.