Brandi DeSousa

 Vice President, Business Development, Washington, DC & Philadelphia

As Managing Director of PNP’s DC, and Philadelphia offices, Brandi brings an exceptional record of success building relationships, business development, communications, and talent management to her leadership work in staffing for organizations around the country.

For over 10 years at PNP, Brandi has been developing effective growth and expansion initiatives that uniquely serve nonprofits and associations — always seeking opportunities to bring her clients the best in talent acquisition and client services. Her expertise in talent management is invaluable as she partners with organizations to support sustainability, diversity and capacity building.

Brandi is a working member of several nonprofit Boards, where she shares her expertise by assisting with strategic staff planning and management. She has completed executive education programs at Syracuse University and MIT, specializing in the human services sector.

Call Brandi at the Washington, DC office at 202-719-9600.