Alliance Partners

Since 1996, PNP has been committed to helping nonprofits build powerful teams to help deliver their missions and make a difference in people’s lives.  Over the decades, we have had the good fortune to work with amazing nonprofits and also with amazing firms who serve, as we do, the nonprofit sector.

Through our ALLIANCE PARTNERS PROJECT, we share with you the outstanding firms that we have worked with and know, first-hand, are the best in their fields.  These select firms provide an extended range of services in areas that can help you build organizational capacity and sustainability as well as offer help, as needed, to resolve a wide range of issues that might be of immediate concern.  Like PNP, they are strongly committed to serving you well.

Here are the outstanding service providers who are PNP’s Alliance Partners:

Plan A logo
Plan A Advisors and PNP can:

  • Guide complex organizational initiatives, strategic partnership development, scaling and M&A strategies
  • Design and facilitate retreats/strategic meetings and executive coaching
  • Evaluate practices, policies, performance & culture for diversity & gender equality
fiscal management associates logo

Fiscal Management Associates and PNP can:

  • Reduce accounting and financial management costs through outsourcing.
  • Improve the quality of financial information and reports.
  • Provide customized training and certification through the nationally recognized Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional (CNAP) program.
the kellen company logo

Kellen and PNP can:

  • Provide customized management solutions, streamlined operations, and long-term growth for associations.
  • Develop strategic communication programs that build awareness, influence public policy and manage reputations.
  • Create best-in- class meetings services with a global network of staff and alliances.
jerh group logo

JER HR Group and PNP can:

  • Setup your HR department, support your existing HR professionals, or step in when your HR professional is absent.
  • Build a strong compensation program, tailored to the jobs and employees in your market.
  • Increase your organization’s effectiveness through training and coaching, with credentialed instructors, in leadership development, safety, anti-harassment, diversity, inclusion and workplace respect.
Tate Cummings Logo

Tate/Cummings and PNP can:

  • Advise on association models, mission & vision, mergers & acquisitions.
  • Build realistic fundraising & development objectives, revenue models, sales processes and succession options.
  • Create special events and fundraisers, marketing, and PR.

Community Health Charities (CHC) and PNP can:

  • Offer your organization’s employees giving tools, a workplace giving platform, or a donor advised fund to support the causes you and your employees care about
  • Volunteer opportunities at your office or across the country with CHC’s onsite volunteer guide and online tool by keyword or zip code
  • Health resources and customized CHC programs and information on health issues