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How to Be the Candidate that Lands the Job

Know Thyself. The best candidates know what they want—from and for—themselves. Nonprofit employers can sense when you are looking for a job versus looking to make a difference. Share your story and demonstrate how you can deliver impact. Ask candid questions. Rather, ask direct questions—what are the goals, obstacles and results required—so you understand the real job at hand. Focus on the success factors that a company needs, and demonstrate how your initiative and experience fits into the larger picture. Conduct your own performance review. Ask the interviewer if they have any concerns about your qualifications. This allows any lingering concerns to be immediately addressed and, gives you an opportunity to demonstrate how you handle challenging conversations.

3 Tips for Hiring the Right Person

1. Assess impact and potential. Don’t let first impressions blind you. Spend enough time with each candidate to really assess their curiosity, experience, and determination to succeed. 2. Don’t be afraid to define the results you want. Candid conversations drive successful results. Don’t be afraid to define the quantifiable results that you need during the interview process. You’ll be able to quickly determine who’s up to the task and who’s not. 3. Be consistent with your questions—and stay on track. Prepare your questions in advance and stick to them—with every interview. It’s easy to get off-track and run out of time if the conversation turns to topics other than the ones intended. You can follow the natural path of a conversation, but don’t let diversions keep you from learning what you need to know.

8 Reasons Why Professional Recruiters are Worth the Cost

The cost of hiring and firing any employee is astronomical when counting the expense of time spent, and the psychology of a failed choice. Between the cost of onboarding, training, coaching, staff time, wasted salary, and administrative costs, HR professionals project that an organization can easily spend thousands of dollars on a hire that has gone wrong. Most so called bad hires should not have happened in the first place. Given that the cost of a hire that’s gone wrong—generally estimated to be anywhere between $4,000-$12,000—it’s hard to understand why you wouldn’t use a professional recruitment agency. Eight Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Recruitment Agency 1. Increased Probability of Success Managers do not hire staff often enough to become experts in the field. Whereas, a good recruiter brings to the table a high level of expertise in recruiting and employment law, an extensive candidate network, and experience in the marketplace – skills that most do not have. There is no greater stress to staff or an organization than hiring poorly. Professional recruiters increase your probability of success. 2. Save Time, and Time is Money The more time it takes to find the right person to hire, the more…