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Looking For Jobs With Non Profits? A Recruiter Reveals Some Top Tips For Applicants

You might think young people would know better than to use emojis in their resumes, but anyone who works for a professional staffing agency can tell you otherwise. Unfortunately, some applicants think a liberal approach to emoji use will make them stand out from the crowd. While a graphic designer might have a free hand to craft a more personalized resume, the basic design of a successful CV and cover letter hasn’t changed much in recent years. On the other hand, the job market itself has gone through a seismic shakeup in just the past five years. If you aren’t prepared for the new reality, you’re going to be stuck hunting for job openings for a long time… The State of the Job Market in 2015: What Job Seekers Need To Know The month of October 2015 represented a major milestone for a country still recovering from the recession — the unemployment rate dropped to a seven-year low of just 5%. That means the U.S. has seen 68 straight months of job gains. But while the country has been steadily adding jobs for the past five years, the number of contingent workers has gone up as well. Now, almost 40%…

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Your Work, Your Happiness, and Your Health: Finding the Perfect Balance

The connection seems simple enough: the more you like your job, the happier you’ll be in every aspect of your life. The happier you are, the healthier your body becomes. The only problem is, this connection isn’t always easy to bring to life. Far too many Americans find themselves working tedious office jobs solely for the paycheck that pays the bills, and unfortunately for the majority of people, this mindset is only a recipe for disaster. An overwhelming lack of engagement and drive in the American workforce has led to two new trends, especially among younger workers: First, they’re increasingly choosing freelance careers that allow for more creativity and control than a traditional office job. Second, workers are starting to seek nonprofit jobs and temp work. So how exactly do both of these trends provide a viable solution for workers who are, ultimately, seeking happiness and health? Here are a few reasons why the career you choose — or the career you end up with — is connected to your overall wellbeing: Money is a terrible motivator Okay, on a fundamental level, money is a great motivator. And for people who are concerned about their finances, nonprofit firms can provide…

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