What is Payroll Outsourcing?

Payroll Outsourcing, the perfect remote service, is an effective tool for cost-effective management of some or all of your employees by moving them on to PNP’s payroll. PNP currently provides Payroll Outsourcing for hundreds of employees in many nonprofits, with responsibility for the following:

  • On-boarding of new hires
  • Verifying work eligibility and maintaining all employee paperwork, including W4s and I-9s
  • Administering and distributing paychecks and setting up direct deposits
  • Paying all mandatory Federal, State and City taxes, and processing tax returns
  • Managing all liability, including workers compensation, insurance costs, and work-related injury claims
  • Handling unemployment liability and paying unemployment costs

Payroll Outsourcing Benefits

Maintaining payroll records must be strictly guided by rules and regulations requiring knowledgeable staff. For nonprofit organizations without HR departments, or for those with small HR departments, PNP can become a knowledgeable payroll partner to support your organization.

Shifting Payroll Outstourcing to PNP provides you:

  • LOWER COST: On-boarding employees is costly and time-consuming; liability and insurance costs increase frequently.
  • NO RISK: Regulations and labor laws change and compliance issues always need to be monitored and reviewed—penalties for mistakes are high.
  • PROCESS, EFFICIENCY, SPEED: PNP can hit the ground running and handle the full payroll process quickly and efficiently.

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