What is HR Outsourcing?

The work of your HR Team is critical to your nonprofit, from employee recruitment to engagement and retention. HR responsibilities are now requiring more time and hours from your staff, whether for pandemic related issues, long-term initiatives, or simply managing day-to-day recruiting, hiring, employee development and workcycle needs. There are times when looking outside the organization for assistance is a good step.

PNP’s HR Outsourcing Services supports and enhances an organization’s talent acquisition capability by allowing recruiting and/or hiring functions, in whole or in part, to move to PNP. We can modify or manage the full responsibility of recruiting efforts, or supplement your existing team. 

Outsourcing parts of the hiring process that requires more expertise and time, is an effective way to manage the complex requirements of your HR Department or maintain an HR process externally.

The following are some of the hiring processes, among many, that can be outsourced, either singly or in combination:

  • Source hidden talent
  • Evaluate and prepare job descriptions
  • Review resumes
  • Manage interviews and hiring meetings
  • Conduct assessment tests
  • Assist in salary negotiations
  • On-boarding
  • Record keeping

PNP’s HR Outsourcing Services is an additional tool that can be a vital component within the HR strategic plan for any nonprofit.