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5 Surprising Facts About Jobs at Non Profit Organizations

If you find yourself to be one of the 71% of American workers who are on the job market, don’t dismiss the non-profit sector as a great place to start or continue your career. While the corporate world may offer a higher salary, the non profit sector offers new experiences and a job to feel passionate about. Here are 5 quick facts about jobs at non profit organizations: There are a lot of them: There are more than 1.5 million non profit organizations and they account for 9.2% of salaries in the U.S. Combined with the fact that more baby-boomers are retiring each day, this leaves plenty of open spots for fresh blood to fill. This is especially true for organizations that rely on maintaining an online presence (which is most of them). The younger generation is becoming increasingly tech-savvy, making for great additions to any organization. You don’t have to live in a poorhouse: When people hear “non-profit,” many will associate it with “less money.” While this may be true for some, the pay-gap between non profit jobs and for profit jobs is steadily decreasing with time. There are plenty of non profit organizations paying their employees at the…

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Using Social Media to Bridge the Gap Between Recruiters, Employees and Nonprofit Jobs

A new trend is appearing in the world of social media: employment opportunities. While social media used to be a way to stay connected with close friends, it is quickly turning into an incredible resource for recruiters hiring for nonprofit jobs. The job market is on the rise along with the use of social media, and nonprofit recruiters are catching on. Reports surrounding the current job market support this: More than half of currently employed workers are actively seeking or open to a new job Although a large number of the general population is employed full-time, this doesn’t always translate into job satisfaction. With many employees hoping to climb the ranks within their industry, having a social media presence significantly increases their likelihood of being seen and contacted by recruiters and/or managers. 90% of recruiters have hired someone through LinkedIn An even more impressive 94% said they use or plan to use social media for recruiting. By building and maintaining social media profiles (primarily LinkedIn), potential candidates for nonprofit jobs are allowing recruiters to find them easily. It is also becoming popular for employers to reach out to potential candidates through LinkedIn, without them even applying. Employers found a drastic…